Why Don’t The Royal Family Wear Wedding Rings

Why Don't The Royal Family Wear Wedding Rings

Prince Harry has chosen to wear a wedding ring, unlike his brother, the real men who are left without a wedding celebration, is a tradition of a decade with family tradition, deciding to go with bare hands instead of with bare hands

Prince Harry breaks the tradition by choosing a wedding ring. Prince William and other royal men are not wedding bands. The bandit breaks the tradition after other real men, like the prince of his brother
Prince William does not use the wedding rod when he attends the parish service on Christmas day of the royal family.

The question awaits the fascinating look of the British upper class, the real tradition and history. Kate Middleton, like most married women, wears a wedding ring. Do not wear jewelry (except this is the green ring, but later). (Sometimes called “gentleman’s ring”, he often has a family
The unexplored observers of the British royal family have noticed that Prince William is the reason why Prince William is never seen wearing a wedding ring.

Here is a list of the 10 real wedding traditions that we can expect to see in Meghan Spencer. He had Spencer Tiara’s family at his wedding with Prince. And when Harry wears a wedding ring, his brother and his grandfather do not.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already broken many real traditions, but why could Harry decide not to wear a wedding ring?
Why Prince William does not use a wedding ring? Kate’s alliance is made of Welsh gold owned by the royal family
The PRINCE Harry violates the royal tradition and wears a wedding ring when it comes from Welsh gold, which is a tradition of a royal family.

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