Where To Find Emeralds in Real Life for Jewelry

In places like this where to find emeralds that can be used to make jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings commonly used in promises or marriages.

Emerald, that is a green variety of beryl, is perhaps the most famous green gemstone around. Because it scores a impressive 8 on the Mohs Scale and also because of its beautiful Color,

Just as with any gemstone, Emerald is well known as having some properties which define its looks and value. All these are colour and texture, but while in the case of other gemstones clarity is vital, the reality is that the monochromatic shade is the main consideration. Clarity is, of course still a consideration however some virtually crystalline stones can be valuable when they’ve got an intense colour and therefore are of a good size.
Other areas of emerald mines include countries like :

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Austria
  3. Australia
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Brazil
  6. China
  7. Canada
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Egypt
  10. Germany
  11. France
  12. Italy
  13. India
  14. Madagascar
  15. Kazakhstan
  16. Namibia
  17. Mozambique
  18. Norway
  19. Nigeria
  20. Russia
  21. Pakistan
  22. South Africa
  23. Somaliland
  24. Switzerland
  25. Spain
  26. USA
  27. Tanzania
  28. Zimbabwe
  29. Zambia

While Zambia is well-known for cryptic deep colored emeralds with bluish tinge, Emeralds from Zimbabwe create yellow green hue like sun’s ray praising prosperity of bud.

Also make sure you check for inclusions in your area. The buying price of the valley depends upon how many inclusions it’s. Bear in Mind that perfectly see-through emeralds are very rare and if the emerald jewelry that you are looking at is simply too good to be affordable then something is out of place

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