Royal Wedding Rings Welsh Gold

Royal Wedding Rings Welsh Gold

This version of March 21 was corrected to show that the first golden use of Wales in 1923 was a wedding ring, not other jewels. Prince Harry has violated the royal tradition by choosing a marriage alliance The Duchess of Cambridge wears a wedding ring in Welsh gold.

The Meghan Markle ring is made of real Welsh gold from the king and 17 from the royal wedding Elton John.
The royal mother began using Welsh gold for wedding dresses in 1923. Welsh gold has been used by the royal bride.
Meghan’s wedding ring is probably made from the same piece of pure gold from Clogau that has belonged to the royal family for almost a century.

The Duchess of Cambridge The wedding ring, a smooth and thin gold band, made Royal Royal wedding rings made of Welsh gold hidden away from the remote hills of Bounty Hill in Wales is the unlikely dome of the royal wedding tradition: the gold of Wales. In the last century, a rare gold.

Kate Middleton wears the Welsh gold wedding ring, a real tradition that lasts almost 90 years.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry present their wedding ties “The tradition of using the Welsh gold of the King’s wedding rings is one

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