How To Tell If Pearls Are Real or Fake Manmade at Home

Confused whether your pearl is real or fake? Here’s how to tell if pearls are real or not for various colors and types.

how to tell if pearls are real mother of tahitian authentic cultured

Pearls would be the only stone created by a living animal and therefore all these are called ‘Organic’ stone. Once an irritant substance (a tiny cloth or sand) enters in the mollusk, then a pearl starts the creation. This creation period takes two to 5 years to find yourself a perfect form that calls nacre.

Over time, the layers of nacre coating build up, resulting in the creation of a pearl within the casing. Pearls often retain the design of the original irritant, and so many natural pearls are not round.

Freshwater pearls are cultured in a freshwater environment, while its name implies. Grown in ponds, lakes and rivers, freshwater mollusks are nucleated by inserting a small piece of mantle tissue into a youthful mollusk’s valve.

Freshwater pearls are usually poor, irregularly shaped and an inferior luster in relation to their saltwater cousins.

Pearls might be dyed yellow, green, white, blue, brown, pink, purple, purple, or black. One of the white and black ones are more popular. Select the perfect color and beware of those colored colors. Few pearl have colors coded to them which get faded easily on regular wear.

Tooth Test: If it is possible, consistently perform this evaluation to examine the quality. Rub the pearl against your enamel. But in comparison, an original one appears ultra smooth.

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