How Much Is Jade Worth for Grade per Weight Unit

Understand how much is jade worth on selling and buying market and and what factors affect the value and the price for jewelry based different types, size and many more.

How Much Is Jade Worth for Grade per Weight Unit

Jade may be classified into two distinct kinds, nephrite and jadeite. They have been composed in unique minerals. Colors of nephrite include translucent green, white, black jade, yellowish and the colour will be always equally dispersed. Colors of jadeite include white green, purple, yellow and other others; evenness of shades varies with distinct textures.

The first, jadeite, is not as common, much tougher (from 6.5 to 8 and sometimes even 9 on the Mohs scale which ranges from 1 to 10) and manufactured from aluminium, sodium silicate and chromium, the latter being the representative for green shade.

Nephrite is with just 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale much softer than jadeite and in the rest of the faculties of lesser quality than jadeite. However, make no mistake it is nonetheless very valuable; just in direct contrast with jadeite it will take second place.

Since the color of jadeite so greatly determines its worth, but a few jadeite can be treated to improve its color. “Bleached” jade (sometimes called B jade) is bleached to eliminate discolorations, and impregnated with colored polymers, and can be in no way thought to be valuable as untreated jadeite.
Jadeite with good transparency could be quite valued even if its color is uneven or non in saturation.

The texture of jadeite, from fine to coarse is some times referred to as “old mine,” “relatively old mine,” and “new mine” respectively.

Cabochon cut jadeite is judged for its symmetry, proportion, and depth.

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